Latest Non-Rumor Type iPad Rumor – iPad 3 Coming Early Next Year with Much Better Display

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After months of speculation about a release of an iPad 3 or iPad HD / iPad Pro this fall, it now looks very unlikely that we’ll see that happen. If Apple ever was planning for that sort of fall release, it looks like either supply issues or the continuing absence of any real competition has convinced them to back off those plans.

The latest ‘rumor’ reports today are via a report in The Wall Street Journal – the gist of which is that Apple is aiming to release a new iPad ‘early next year’ with a much-improved display.

The next generation iPad is expected to feature a high resolution display – 2048 by 1536 compared with 1024 by 768 in the iPad 2 …

Shocking eh? A new iPad early in 2012 – say somewhere around March like the iPad 2 – and an upgraded display. In other words, Apple is sticking with its existing release pattern for the iPad.

I think the baseball equivalent of this ‘rumor’ would be that the Yankees will spend a lot of money this offseason and probably be strong contenders in the AL East.

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