Latest Rumor – New, Smaller iPads Later This Year

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The iPad has been an untarnished success for Apple, now it seems the company is set to introduce two new and smaller iPad models, just in time for Christmas! …

The Digitimes sources claimed Apple has “recently placed new iPad orders to Taiwan-based component makers for the fourth quarter of 2010 and the first quarter of 2011 with 9.7-inch, 5.6-inch and 7-inch models all included.”

That’s a slice from an article at 9to5Mac yesterday, covering a rumor that’s been getting a lot of coverage this week. It goes on to say that the smaller models would be aimed at the eBook market, with some slight changes made to current model. 

This is a rumor that’s been around at least since the early days after the iPad launch – but it is one I can’t work up any real excitement about.  The current iPad is already an ‘in-between’ device – the rumored new size seems just a step too much in that direction. 

How about you all?  Would you be keen on a new, smaller iPad?

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11 thoughts on “Latest Rumor – New, Smaller iPads Later This Year”

  1. I love my iPod touch, except that the display is too small. The iPad looks great- but its maybe a bit big to carry around everywhere. Possibly this device could be the perfect in-between device?

  2. No, but I would be interested in a larger device.

    I'm really looking for a device which would let me read US letter documents and A4 documents at full size, so something with a usable screen size of at least 11.69 by 8.5 inches would be perfect.

    The smallere market is already adequately covered by the iPod touch and the iPhone

    1. Hmm – good to see a wide variety of responses here. I wonder if Apple needs to start working on a 'magical' one-size-fits-all technology next. :)

  3. That is exactly what I have been waiting for! A more portable size for a small shoulder bag but much larger than a tiny iPod touch size. If not for my desire for an in between size I would have bought an iPad already. Thanks for the post! You have made me a very happy person!

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