Looks Like March 7 Is Likely iPad 3 Announcement Day

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It looks like Wednesday March 7th is rapidly becoming the consensus pick for Apple’s iPad 3 announcement day. Last week we saw credible reports that the event would be held during the first week of March, and today iMore’s Rene Ritchie has a piece up saying that ‘according to sources who have been reliable in the past’ Apple plans to make the announcement on that day.

The credibility of this latest report got a huge boost today when Jim Dalrymple of The Loop gave it a simple ‘Yep’ response. Dalrymple is known as being rock solid when it comes to this sort of Apple information.

As Ritchie points out in his post, even the most reliable of information about upcoming Apple events (or anything not yet publicly unveiled by Apple) is of course still subject to change – but it sure looks like March 7 is the planned date for the iPad 3 unveiling.

If March 7, or anytime during the first week of March, is accurate then we should see an official Apple invite for the iPad 3 launch within the next two weeks.

Roll on March, and iPad 3 madness to accompany traditional March Madness.

Spotted via: everythingiCafe

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