Lovely iPad Rumor of the Day: Hulu Could Be Coming to the iPad

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TechCrunch has a good post up outlining some fairly strong rumors that Hulu may be coming to the iPad.

But that could change by the time the iPad launches in March. One rumor I’ve heard from an industry insider is that Hulu is working on an iPad-friendly version of its site that should be ready by the time the iPad hits the market. Hulu itself is still vague about its plans. When asked directly by Om Malik whether Hulu has any plans for the iPad, CEO Jason Kilar recently hemmed and hawed about how he is a big believer in mobile, but wouldn’t confirm or deny anything.

The article points out that though it would be a challenge to rejig the service for the iPad – which relies heavily on Flash (which is not allowed on the iPhone or iPad) – it is certainly very do-able as well.

Check out the TechCrunch article for much more detail on this:

What do you all think of this rumor?  Would this be a ‘killer app’ for you if it does make it to the iPad?

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