Lovely iPad Rumor of the Day: iOS 4.3 and App Subscriptions Coming in Just a Few Weeks

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We only just got iOS 4.2 two days ago, with all its multitasking and folders and AirPlay good ness. Now it looks like we may see another significant update to iOS in just a few weeks. The latest rumors say we’ll see iOS 4.3 by mid-December – and that the headline change in it will be the addition of a proper subscriptions model for newspaper and magazine titles.

The subscription model is thought to be one that can be handled in-app – and if it’s done well it should be a huge win for both publishers and iPad users.

Latest reports say that Apple is planning (yet another) special media event on December 9, to announce the new subscription plans as well as some headline content providers – presumably including the upcoming iPad-only newspaper from Rupert Murdoch and News Corp, The Daily. According to the same reports, the expected release date for iOS 4.3 is December 13th – and the update may address some of the issues with AirPlay that we’re seeing in 4.2. There’s also talk of Apple’s brand new ginormous data center in North Carolina being called into action to help handle the 4.3 release and services like iTunes, MobileMe and others.

Many newspaper and magazine titles are among my favorite iPad apps, so I am very keen to see iOS 4.3 and subscriptions. After that, I wouldn’t object to a little break from Apple special events, maybe just until the middle of January or so when we’ll likely hear about next year’s iPad 2.

Rumor News via: Apple Insider

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  1. I think it would be smarter for apple to release major updates instead of multiple updates to fix or upgrade simple things. If it's a major issue then sure come out with a fix as soon as possible. But if it's just things their upgrading to improve I think users would look forward to one big update instead of plugging their iPad to update every couple days..

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