Lovely iPad Rumor of the Day: iPad To Be a Major Part of Apple’s Education Announcement Tomorrow

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Here’s an iPad rumor I can really get behind. Apple’s ‘education announcement’ event in New York is less than 24 hours away now, and it is looking more and more like the event is going to focus on textbooks and education materials on the iPad.

GigaOm cites a Bloomberg report that notes a special focus on grades K-12:

Bloomberg reports that Apple will announce tools that make publishing interactive textbooks on the iPad much easier, and also allow for the creation of other “digital education content,” according to two sources familiar with the announcement’s details. The new tools, which will be introduced by Apple’s SVP of Internet Software and Services Eddy Cue, are intended to help broaden the appeal of the iPad for educational institutions, with a special focus on grades K-12, Bloomberg claims.

This is one iPad related rumor I would love to see come true. I’ve got a daughter in 3rd grade and she currently carries a backpack to school each day that feels like it weighs more than she does. I would love to see her class (and her school) using iPads in place of, or as a supplement to, textbooks. I believe this would have benefits for students, for teachers, and possibly even for school budgets if saving on paper and other spending areas is taken into account.

My daughter is an experienced and very savvy iPad user (shocker, eh) and I’d love to see her able to carry a much lighter backpack and put an iPad to use each day at school.

What do you all think about K-12 textbooks on iPad, and iPads in K-12 in general?

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5 thoughts on “Lovely iPad Rumor of the Day: iPad To Be a Major Part of Apple’s Education Announcement Tomorrow”

  1. In theory it’s nice, but I foresee a lot of broken iPads down the road.

    Plus, publishers have shown that they do not believe e-books should be valued any less than physical books (despite the lack of production and shipping costs), so while the schools and students SHOULD be able to save a lot of money by switching to e-textbooks, experience says that just won’t be the case.

  2. My 3rd grade daughter is also very tech savy with my iPad as well as her laptop. I am all for making this part of her education.

    1. After today’s announcements, I’m really hoping my daughter’s school will be looking at iPads sometime soon.

  3. I would love to see iPads in schools. Not only for my own 3 kids (my eldest starts high school next week, one in grade 6 and youngest starting grade 2), but also in my professional capacity, as I am studying to become a teacher. I am enjoying thinking up ways that the iPad could be used in a classroom. I am looking forward to my next practical assignment in Literacy, to see how I can incorporate my iPad into helping my student with reading and writing, in terms of general engagement and then assessing outcomes.

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