Lovely iPad Rumor of the Day: Official Facebook iPad App Finally Coming in Next Few Weeks

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According to recent reports in The New York Times and elsewhere, Facebook are in the final stages of working on a Facebook for iPad – and it should be released ‘in the coming weeks’.

For many Facebook fans this rumor will have just one word springing to mind: Finally. Facebook had an official iPhone app on Day 1 of the App Store. It was one of the first native apps shown off by Apple and proved to be a hugely popular and critically acclaimed iPhone app as well.

So it’s been a little bit of a shock to find that there’s still no official Facebook app for the iPad over a year after it was launched. Sure, you can access Facebook via the Safari browser and via several 3rd party apps, but many iPad users have still been chomping at the bit to see an official app from Facebook themselves. Now they may not have much longer to wait.

Facebook for iPad will reportedly include everything that the website offers and also some iPad app exclusive features, including the ability to upload pictures and videos.

I’ve never been a big Facebook user but I do find myself using it more often recently, and the Friended app has served me very well on the iPad. What’s your favorite way to use Facebook on the iPad? Do you think you’ll immediately switch to an official Facebook app if one comes out in the next few weeks?

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3 thoughts on “Lovely iPad Rumor of the Day: Official Facebook iPad App Finally Coming in Next Few Weeks”

  1. I’ve been using Friendly, but I would definitely give an official app a try as soon as it comes out. Friendly is ok, but I definitely think an official app could do better with the resources they have.

  2. Friendly is the native Facebook for me, unless the Facebook app has mind blowing features I am sticking to Friendly :)

  3. I’ve used Friendly as well and still have it installed; but much prefer Friended, partly because it’s a full native app.

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