Lovely iPad Rumor of the Day: TV Ad During Oscars & Pre-orders Starting the Next Day

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Mike Cane thinks it is ‘highly likely’ that Apple may follow a similar path for the iPad – in terms of initial TV ads – as they did with the original iPhone back in 07:

Three years ago, Apple debuted its TV ad for the iPhone during the Oscars.

Will they follow suit with the iPad and also open up pre-orders the next day? I think this is highly likely.

I’d never seen that original iPhone ad – great stuff. February 25th – a previously rumored date for pre-orders starting – has come and gone, so Mike’s theory seems as good as any right now. Movies and iPad – I’m sure Apple’s ad people can work with that a bit. :)

Via: Mike Cane’s iPad Test

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2 thoughts on “Lovely iPad Rumor of the Day: TV Ad During Oscars & Pre-orders Starting the Next Day”

  1. Im just waiting for them to start the pre orders. I wanted to get one at the store but im not sure if im cut out for waiting and camping out. Id rather wait a couple days and have it delivered. also in the past they have sometimes sent out new products early!!! Im going to get the 16 gig, this way I can upgrade when the newer one comes out! HAHAHAHA

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