Lovely iPad Rumor of the Day: Verizon Testing iPads

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From BGR today:

According to a highly placed source of ours, Verizon Wireless is currently testing Apple iPad devices on their network. We have been told that the model they are testing is a CDMA-compatible device, and while our source mentioned LTE in some capacity (possibly another model), we haven’t been able to independently confirm that part of it.

Their thought is that we may see an iPhone and an iPad on Verizon soon.  Yowza.

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3 thoughts on “Lovely iPad Rumor of the Day: Verizon Testing iPads”

  1. Could it be, that the iPad isn't exclusive, but that the iPhone is, and Verizon wants to show Apple it is ready to support all its devices? I am not up-to-date on all the contracts, but it seems like a good approach that wouldn't strain their network during launch.

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