Lovely iPad Rumor of the Week– 2 Cameras for iPad 2

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Reports this week suggest that iPad 2 will have two cameras – a 5MP main camera and also a VGA camera, making it ready to offer FaceTime support. Oh, and a faster processor too.

This at least is what’s being claimed by investment firm Detweiler Fenton in a note revealed by Barron’s. Thenext generation iPad will also host a faster processor.

Existing iPhone camera supplier, Omnivision, will be supplying image sensors fo the iPad, which will boast two cameras, a 5MP main camera and a VGA camera. This makes it pretty likely it will also support FaceTime video chat.

Sounds good to me. I’d also like to see more RAM in the next iPad. Much more – like an upgrade from its meager 256MB to at least 512MB and hopefully to 1GB. Wonder how Apple will manage adding components while also (presumably/hopefully) maintaining awesome battery life.

News on this rumor via: 9to5Mac

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One thought on “Lovely iPad Rumor of the Week– 2 Cameras for iPad 2”

  1. Personally, I think I am going to hold my money for the iPAD 2. The thing that turned me off the first one was because of the fact there was no Camera on either ends.. I think it is very important to have a video camera on almost all mobile devices you have. Telecoms are upgrading to the 4G soon giving us the ability to speak to people on the go with such an amazing connection. Yes the iPAD 2 & the iPhone 4 or 5 which is 4G capable…. which I hope will be available during the 2011 year so that I may purchase it.

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