Lovely iPad Rumor of the Week: iPad 3 with LTE Release for the Holidays This Year

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It’s been a while since I’ve seen any really juicy iPad rumors, but today’s there’s one that’s a phoenix from the ashes:

Apple will release a new 4G LTE-enabled iPad tablet later this year according to Hong Kong-based research firm CLSA. The firm cites channel checks in stating that Apple’s iPad 3 will launch ahead of the holidays this year. CLSA also alludes to a Retina Display being on board alongside the new 4G LTE radio.

Wow. This was the great sounding rumor leading up to the iPad 2 announcement back in March – that we’d see more than one new iPad release this year, with the iPad 3, or iPad HD with that retina display upgrade, around the holiday season of 2011. It’s very nice to see this one back in circulation.

How awesome would that be, to see an iPad 3 sporting 4G and retina display and a release in time for the Christmas season? Very awesome indeed I’d say. Although if this proves true, and the iPhone 5 also gets released in the same timeframe, it could be one heck of an expensive holiday season for hard-core Apple fanboys and girls.

I’m fine with no stocking stuffers at all this year if Santa wants to bring me an iPad 3. :)

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  1. Retina and better cameras would make me buy this. I got the first iPad and I haven´t really considered buying the second edition. A better screen might change that.

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