Lovely iPad Rumor of the Week: iPads with Cameras and FaceTime Coming Sooner Than Expected

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According to a recent report at Apple Insider, Apple may be moving ‘aggressively’ towards release of a new iPad model with cameras and support for the FaceTime video chat feature.

Apple’s iPad is unlikely to endure the company’s traditional 12-month product cycle for iOS device refreshes before seeing its first major enhancements, AppleInsider has been told.

A version of the tablet device with a built-in video camera and support for the new FaceTime video conferencing standard has already progressed to the advanced testing stages, according to a person with proven knowledge of Apple’s future product plans.

Apple Insider’s source on this claims that these new iPad models are tracking towards a release no later than the first quarter of next year (the end of which is of course only a little ahead of Apple’s typical one year cycle for their mobile iDevices).  But … their source also says this:

… as of last month, there was an ambitious push inside Apple to verify the refresh for a possible launch ahead of this year’s holiday shopping season.

Now wouldn’t that be something.  A new camera and FaceTime equipped iPad in time for holiday buyers.  They’d need to build more manufacturing plants on the moon to cope with the demand.  In any case, whenever these new models appear, sign me up for a pre-order right away. Smile

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2 thoughts on “Lovely iPad Rumor of the Week: iPads with Cameras and FaceTime Coming Sooner Than Expected”

  1. So, I guess the question will be, are we getting one? Would Apple do a replacement program (you know, those with ipads could come in and they will install it)?? There is a hold there already!

    Hahaha! Just joking but there is a hold there and they should just put it in for us first buyers!

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