Lovely iPad Rumor of the Week: New Model Being Tested on iOS 4.1

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Apple is internally testing the first material update to its iOS 4.0 mobile operating system against a handful of new devices, including next-generation iPod touches, an iPad revision, and an "unknown" product, AppleInsider has discovered.

According to people familiar with the matter, the latest beta of iOS 4.1, due to ship in the coming weeks, includes three new "Configuration Descriptors" within its USB configuration files — all of which pertain to devices that list "Apple, Inc." as their "manufacturer" … The second unreleased product referenced in the USB configuration files is "iProd 2,1." All indications are that this device represents a material update to the company’s iPad, as the inaugural version of the device released this past April was similarly listed in configuration files as "iProd 1,1" prior to its announcement.

Emphasis above is mine.  Very cool to see that a next gen iPad may already be in testing with the upcoming iOS 4.1.  It still feels very early to be talking about new models, but hey while we’re here I’ll vote for cameras and more RAM as my two big wish list items. Smile

Via: Apple Insider

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