Lovely iPad Rumor of the Weekend: iPad 2 Display to Double Up on Pixels

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The consensus in iPad 2 rumors has indicated a much improved display for the next gen model for some time now. This weekend, there’s some good evidence to suggest that the improved iPad 2 display may double up the number of pixels – from 1024X768 to 2048X1536.

Instead of aiming for a specific pixel density, it appears Apple will instead simply quadruple the iPad’s native resolution as it did when it introduced iPhone 4, resulting in a very high resolution display with a pixel density of around 260 ppi, short of "Retina" status but still higher than most high end smartphones.

I think Apple Insider’s math is a little askew there – I believe it’s a doubling of native resolution rather than quadrupling. Even so, a major boost for the display resolution.

Here’s some of the detail on the latest evidence pointing to the improved display resolution, and how the new size will be easy for developers to work with (and note again that I think they were meaning to say doubling rather than quadrupling):

Evenly quadrupling the resolution makes it easy for developers to ship apps that take full advantage of both existing and new screen resolutions by simply including two versions of graphic assets, one labeled (by Apple convention) file.png and and a higher resolution version named [email protected].

Apple has reportedly slipped multiple examples of "@2" graphics in versions of its iBooks app, one targeted at iPhone 4 and another at a high resolution future iPad, according to tweets and a separate developer report. This includes "[email protected]" and a "Wood [email protected]" background image that covers 1536×800, rather than the standard 768×400 image used on iPad.

I think the iPad display is already pretty stunning – but I certainly won’t vote against a big improvement in the iPad 2.

News Via: Apple Insider

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5 thoughts on “Lovely iPad Rumor of the Weekend: iPad 2 Display to Double Up on Pixels”

  1. Wasn’t “retina status” of the iPhone4 display factoring in the distance which the device is typically held at? If so, then a 2048×1536 iPad display might be “Retina” as you typically hold it a bit farther away.

  2. Doubling vs Quadrupling… 2048 x 1536 = (1024 x 768) x 4

    There are 4 times as many pixels even though each axis has only doubled.

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