Lovely iPad Rumors: iPad 3 Launching In February 2012

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It’s getting close to the end of 2011 now – and of course the iPad 3 rumors are starting to heat up. Since the original iPad launched in April (of 2010) and the iPad 2 launched in March (of this year), and since Apple tends to follow regular refresh cycles for its products, it’s not rocket science to predict that the next-gen iPad should be released somewhere close to the fist quarter of next year.

This week’s iPad 3 rumors suggest an early release within that timeframe though. In fact the latest ones – based on an analyst report out of Citigroup – says we should expect the iPad 3 release in February of 2012.

It’s said the iPad 3 will have the much-anticipated retina display at 2048X1536. That seems almost a given by now. Some recent rumors also say the iPad 3 will be thicker while maintaining its 9.7 inch screen size and compatibility with Apple’s Smart Covers.

My quick reaction to these:

Retina Display – let me think about that for less than a second. Yes please!

February release: Yes please with bells on, and also Holy Crap best start saving a few pennies.

Compatibility with Smart Covers: Definitely a big Yes. I don’t consider the smart cover an accessory anymore – it’s more like an essential part of my iPad 2.

Thicker: Ah, not so much. I’d rather if we keep going thinner as far as possible without battery life or other major performance factors suffering.

What do you all think of these latest iPad 3 rumors?

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6 thoughts on “Lovely iPad Rumors: iPad 3 Launching In February 2012”

  1. 2048X1536 for a resolution seems like a joke, is SF on a tablet imo. think of the hardware needed to back-up 2048X1536 Gaming, maybe in 3 years we will have that res on tablet.

  2. I think they may get announced by February, but I doubt we’ll see a launch that quick.

    But I’m holding off on an iPad 2 purchase now either way. I had considered it since the Kindle Fire and Nook Tablet didn’t meet my needs and the iPad 1 was horrible slow until I figured out that it was an iOS 5 + restore bug. After fixing that little issue my iPad speed is tolerable again – so waiting for the next iPad shouldn’t hurt too much.

    I hope they bump the resolution, bump the processor/graphics speed and drop the weight a bit. In all honesty though – I want to see an 8.9″ screen to make the ipad more portable.

  3. If Apple releases the iPad 3 before summer it’s just a cash grab from people who don’t know enough to wait until the release of the A6 chip, which, after all, is the only reason to upgrade you iPad 2

    There will then be an iPad 3s or something. Keep your money until the A6 is released…

  4. Same camera as iPhone 4s + Siri + Retina will be enough for me. I really want a better camera since I use it alot and retina is something that iPad 2 should had from the start. Siri is just a nice bonus.

  5. Rumors make for blogging, but are worthless. This post is all hype without reason … Battery longevity is key … 10 hours minimum . With the seeming demand for higher resolution demand more performance in CPU and GPU = more power demand … Oops less battery.
    Then some say why Siri … Because it will revolutionize the tablet and smart phone modus operandi. with the same A5 and GPU, the iPad2 should soon get Siri.

    The android it’s need all kind of gimmicks just to compete … Which they aren’t doing well. This is enough for now … There is lots more. … Later

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