Lovely-ish iPad Rumor of the Week: FaceTime Over 3G If Carriers Allow It

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9to5Mac have been seeing some evidence that using FaceTime over 3G may become an option in iOS 5 – including the screenshot shown above, submitted by one of their readers.

Here’s the not so fun part of this rumor:

but it will be up to carriers to allow it (like Tethering or VoIP apps)

It would be nice to see FaceTime available all the time, not just when you’ve got a WiFi connection – but judging by how ridiculously long we waited for AT&T to support tethering, I’d say AT&T users won’t want to hold their breath on this one.

Also, 3G FaceTime would be cool, but what would be far, far better would be to hear that Apple is making some progress on making it cross-platform. As long as it remains iOS and Mac only it’s going to be more of (rather lame) novelty than a powerful feature, and it certainly won’t compete with Skype unless Microsoft finds a way to bugger up its open-ness.

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