Lovely, Lovely iPad Rumor: iPad Immediately Available After Next Week’s Unveiling Event

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OK, this is hands-down my favorite iPad rumor this week / month / ever.

AppleInsider has reason to believe that customers could be holding the new tablet device in their hands shortly after next Wednesday’s press event.

According to people familiar with the matter, Apple is preparing several of its operating segments to perform functions during the second half of next week that are representative of nothing short of a large scale, consumer-oriented product roll out (not just an announcement). And with official invitations to next Wednesday’s press briefing clearly indicating a focus on iPad, these people believe at least one version of the refreshed device will be in transit to retail outlets during that briefing.

It should be noted that while nothing is definitive till Apple issues a statement, these same people have consistently provided accurate information regarding Apple’s future product plans and the timing related to those plans.

Apple Insider’s article goes on to point out that if this does prove accurate, it would almost certainly be just a WiFi only model that is released immediately, as the 3G / cellular models require work with their carrier partners leading up to release and would likely follow a few weeks later.

Oh boy, time to break the piggy bank if this one proves right. I’ll be straight out the door to get one; even though I’ll likely sell it off and trade up to a 3G model as soon as they’re around.

How about you all? Would you buy an iPad 2 this week if they’re out on shelves?

News Via: Apple Insider

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5 thoughts on “Lovely, Lovely iPad Rumor: iPad Immediately Available After Next Week’s Unveiling Event”

  1. Errm for me thats a hard one to decide and ive been giving it a load of thought since the rumours first started circling that the iPad 2 will be coming out and with me being a lover of all gadgets and specially the iPad I rekon I will be going out and buying it.

  2. I’ll be buying…I’ve been waiting for months! The thing is, I need a 3G model, so I suspect the wait will be longer… :(

    1. Yeah, that is very likely and it’s a bummer. If it goes that way, I’ll grab a WiFi only model and then either sell it or pass on to the wife and kiddo when the 3G models come out.

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