More iPad Mini Rumors This Week

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Component suppliers in Taiwan have indicated to one Wall Street analyst that Apple’s next-generation iPad will sport a 7-inch high-resolution Retina Display, a camera, and 128GB of capacity — and that it could sell 45 million in 2011.

Definitely some nice potential specs there for a smaller, iPad ‘Mini’ sort of model. The same analyst also says the new smaller model will have a micro or mini USB port, and that it will replace the first-gen iPad – which both sound very far-fetched.

When I first saw rumors about new 7 inch iPads, I thought they would not be of any interest to me. Thinking on it more, and seeing mockups like the one shown above, has me much more interested in a possible Mini model. I certainly would not want it to replace the current size though, I’d want it to be another option. What do you think? Would a new smaller iPad model be of interest?

Rumor via: Apple Insider

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2 thoughts on “More iPad Mini Rumors This Week”

  1. Although being Apple, I won't say never until I actually see the device 'in the flesh' I'm not convinced I'd want to go smaller with an iPad.

    One of the things that attracted me to the current offering was the size of the screen. It just feels 'right' somehow and I'm really not convinced of the wisdom of going smaller.

    Of course, resolution will play a role in this so colour me interested but also sceptical. :o)

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