Rumors: Facebook to Launch Official iPad App at f8 Conference Next Month

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One of the iPad-related rumors getting the most play over recent days is all about the official Facebook iPad app. You know, the one that was found to be hiding in plain sight within the code for their iPhone app.

According to reports at iPad in Canada and elsewhere, Facebook may be priming to unveil the app their f8 developer conference on September 22. This would likely see it being released somewhere quite near the release of iOS 5.

I spent a brief time using the app when it was first discovered, before Facebook blocked access to it – and I thought it looked very good. I also enjoy using the Friended app for Facebook on the iPad, but I’ll be keen to give the official Facebook iPad app a go whenever it’s released as well.

I still find it baffling that Facebook has taken this long to bring out an iPad app. Perhaps if they do unveil it next month they’ll also explain what the holdup was.

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