Rumors That Won’t Go Away: Microsoft Office Coming to iPad

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Back in February The Daily, the first iPad-only newspaper, published a report saying that Microsoft was working on a version of Microsoft Office for iPad, it was nearly complete, and they had even got some hands-on time with ‘a working prototype’ of the software.

This week the Boy Genius himself. Jonathan Geller of BGR, says he has learned from a reliable source that Microsoft is planning to release MS Office for the iPad and Android tablets – and they’re aiming for a November launch.

Their source also claims to have seen Microsoft Office running on an iPad and mentions that the splash screen for it says ‘Office for iOS’ – which suggests there would be an iPhone version as well.

If we knew some specific dates for when the new Windows 8 tablets will launch (if ever) then we might be able to start guessing how long afterwards Microsoft would see fit to allow their office suite on other mobile platforms.

If and when Microsoft Office comes to the iPad, I think it’s a clear win-win situation for Apple and Microsoft. For Apple it’s another premier productivity suite and some flagship apps (especially for many corporate iPad users) and for Microsoft it would be a huge boost for their leading software suite in the rapidly growing mobile arena.

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3 thoughts on “Rumors That Won’t Go Away: Microsoft Office Coming to iPad”

  1. This is AWESOME!! I love Pages…. So, for me it is Win-Win, not sure if I’ll get it though as I am Happy, though not satisfied. Why? I’d be satisfied it I could make my saved documents smaller, option for folders and also lists of the files instead of icons. Yes, I actually USE my iPad (3rd Gen 64GB)

  2. My money is on the iPad getting app versions of Office365 (their cloud versions of Word, Excel etc) and Windows 8 tablets will offer both the full suite and ‘Metro’ skinned versions for tablet mode.

    1. iOS Office is late. I actually use Chapters for all my note taking as I can easily export one page or the entire notebook into an email or PDF and mail it to myself. If I need to go the MSWord path, Pages is there. A quick copy and paste is there for me. With ReaddelDocs I can save (many types of files) and then ‘OPEN IN…’ which programs can access it.

      I can even then open said document in Pages. MARVELOUS!

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