Rumors – Toys R Us Will Be Next US Retailer to Start Selling the iPad 2

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Rumors today suggest that Toys R Us will become the next big US retailer to sell the iPad 2 next month.

According to a scoop from ModMyi, U.S.-based retailer Toys R Us is expected to begin selling the iPad 2 next month. It would be the first time that the device is available from Toys R Us, as the first-generation model was not sold at the company’s stores.

The rumor is supported by the Toys R Us product sheet for the iPad 2 shown above. According to the product sheet, the chain will also be selling iPad accessories like the new Smart Cover, the Camera Connection Kit, and VGA Connector.

Although Toys R Us initially sounds a bit of an odd place to sell iPads, it makes sense when you think about what a hit the device is with kids. If the rumor proves true lots of parents will be walking out of these stores a lot poorer. Smile

Rumor Via: Apple Insider

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