Ugly iPad Rumor of the Day: iOS 4 Not Coming to iPad Until November

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iOS 4

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A report outlining advertisers’ plans for Apple’s new iAd program indicates that the new interactive ads won’t reach iPad users until iOS 4 becomes available for it in November.

That’s an excerpt from a recent report at Apple Insider on iAds and launch dates for campaigns through them – and if the iOS 4 availability portion of it is accurate then that’s very bad news.

I could’ve sworn that Apple had stated iOS 4 would be available for the iPad ‘this Fall’.  November is more like winter.  I really hope this report proves inaccurate and that we’ll see iOS 4 for the iPad by September.

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5 thoughts on “Ugly iPad Rumor of the Day: iOS 4 Not Coming to iPad Until November”

  1. Winter does not start till December 21st, so November is still in the Fall. Sounds about right.

  2. Honestly, after buying the iPhone 4 with the Retina Display and extra ram, I have a feeling the current iPad is going to get the MacBook Air treatment. Neglect.

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