Unhappy with iOS 6 Maps? Good News: Looks Like Google Maps App Already Submitted to Apple

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iOS 6 Maps Jokes

Image Source: Android Authority on Google+

If you’re unhappy with Apple’s own new maps in the iPad Maps app, you’re far from alone. Lots of users and tech reviewers are slamming the poor quality of the new Maps app, after Apple decided to ditch Google Maps in iOS 6.

There’s even a Tumblr site devoted to showing off some of the worst examples of the new Maps app getting things badly wrong. And Android fans are certainly having their share of fun with this subject – as you can see in the image at the top of this post.

Well, it looks like there may soon be some good news for anyone who would like to be able to use Google Maps again on the iPad. The Guardian reports hearing from their sources that Google has developed a maps app for iOS 6.

9to5Mac says they have also heard this, and more:

Separately, we heard Google has had a separate version of its iOS Maps app for quite a while that goes back years. Additionally, we learned an updated iOS 6 version has been submitted to Apple. It is awaiting approval, however, and that could take some time.

I’m nowhere near a heavy enough user of the Maps app to weigh in with any strong opinion on how good / terrible / mediocre the new iOS 6 Maps app is, but it sure seems as if there are some huge flaws being pointed out already. I do hope that if Google has submitted a separate maps app that Apple does the right thing and approves it without delay.

Of course you can still access Google Maps via the Safari browser on the iPad – at maps.google.com – but it lacks many of the native app’s features.

What do you all think of the new iOS 6 maps on the iPad? Would you use a Google maps app if and when they release one for iOS 6?

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14 thoughts on “Unhappy with iOS 6 Maps? Good News: Looks Like Google Maps App Already Submitted to Apple”

  1. I am one of a growing number of iPad users that use the device to produce content. My go to apps are map related and until today (when I downloaded Apple’s new operating system) everything was relatively great. Then all hell broke loose this morning as I went to work and noticed that the new maps I had at my disposal were no where near as detailed as they needed to be for my purpose.

    Let me back up a little here, I design bike trips.. Google maps/earth were my go to applications until I purchased the new iPad a few months ago. At that point I found some really neat apps that made my work extremely easy in the design of these routes. They had Google-like detail that I need to make my designs the best possible end products that I can deliver.

    That all ended this morning as I was attempting to design a route and noticed that, at close range, there was little to be seen with the Apple map app. It is very clumsy in 2d mode, with very poor resolution, no road details/numbers to speak of other than highways (cyclists try to avoid those) .

    I am afraid that if this situation is not reversed, I will have to go back to my PC to create content on the Google platform. Would be a shame, as I was so enjoying creating great content using my iPad until today.

    A step back for Apple,

    Yves Grenier
    Bucket List Touring

    PS… 3d maps are neat, but in my world they are just toys. I want sharp and precise detailed resolution on the maps I need.

    1. Really sorry to hear that Yves. I hope we do see a Google Maps app released soon, and some major improvement to Apple’s new maps.

    2. Yes, use motionX GPS, it has many features to help your work, choice of MotionX, google or bing maps, also google and bing sat views, alto terrain and ocean maps… The app records your journey, allows export of your track to google maps/earth, keeps elevation changes, speed etc. really a great GPS/maps app.

  2. The directions it gave me was a completely wrong one, taking 15 more minutes than it really should…and also, after the iOS 6 update, I lost my original YouTube app from my Ipad2, is this just me or it actually removes the app after the update?

  3. I live in Worcester UK, a medium sized town. Satellite and hybrid views on the apple maps has the whole town as mostly a blur. I can’t identify a single landmark feature. I live in a new block that was constructed over a year ago, but neither the street nor the block are visible in either apple nor google. Google also has our post code wrong, it navigates you to a point 500 yards away, the other side of a main road.
    What would be really nice on either system would be a way in which one could input local information and correct mistakes.

  4. I couldn’t agree more what Yves wrote above. I hope Google will release THEIR maps for iOS6 very soon, because I use maps a lot.

  5. Sorry Apple – not good enough.

    I’m waiting for either a seperate google maps app and/or an improvement in the apple one before I update to IOS6.

    I do use the maps – on Iphone & Ipad – and while I might put up with a bit of weakness in graphics, I can’t put up with it being just plain wrong. The new features in IOS6 aren’t enough to temp me.

    1. Dalrymple does have a superb record on this sort of stuff. The Guardian and 9to5Mac have pretty good track records too though, so we’ll see. Also, it’s not clear which part he’s saying No to – it could be just that a new Google Maps app is already submitted to Apple.

  6. My first reaction to the new maps was “cool, the text is finally big enough for me to see.” THAT I love …the old maps had teeny -tiny text that I could not make bigger, even via the disability options in the main settings. I also love that I can rotate the maps to get them into an orientation that I like. I like the turn-by-turn directions interface.

    I haven’t actually used it yet though, so hadn’t had a chance to check its accuracy. After reading this post, and looking at the tumblr feed, I decided to take a closer look at some places I know well. Right away I found that the name of the university where I work is (gratingly) spelled wrong, and only half of the campus is indicated. Our other campus in a different town is spelled correctly, but the university next door has disappeared. My daughter’s former middle school is listed with a completely wrong name. Her former elementary school is listed twice, with two different names (“X” elementary school, and “X” school). My former church was eliminated by the diocese about 8 years ago, but its school is still listed on the map. Curiously, the Catholic church that still exists (along with a good-size elementary school) is not listed. Local businesses are hit-or-miss; some of the oldest ones are not listed, some of the newest ones are. Many are in oddly incorrect locations … i.e. sort of close, on the right block, but showing up in the middle of the block, behind each other, etc. The gas station down the road shows up on the wrong street altogether.

    It seems as if they had some great ideas with the interface, but whoever sold them the GPS data is a crook.

  7. I use the map app in my commute, to check traffic. (US101 & I280)

    On two out of two commutes now, it’s shown clear roads while I sat in traffic, not happy.

  8. This is my list of things not right, things wrong, things not done etc. for apple maps.

    The maps are virtually unreadable, especially for secondary roads.
    I simply could not use the app to find a route while I was in my car because I could not see the secondary roads in the bright light of day.
    Colors are badly assigned, text is hard to read.
    The choices of what is displayed by the data base are at the least, odd.
    The Satellite views are old junk.
    3D makes the terrain 3D, which leads to all sorts of oddness in the displayed maps.
    3D buildings is pointless and offers zero useful information for actually locating your destination.
    Turn by Turn mapping is just sad, but also very hard to red the map while driving.
    The search data base is supplied by YELP, and seems to only have YELP reviewed businesses in it, which reduces my city to about 8 restaurants. Also, as far as getting info on a business, who cares what YELPers have to say, seriously, who? It’s insulting crap and whining from idiots.
    No Transit and walking directions, and having to install 3rd party apps to cover it is a joke. Seriously, if you travel, you are going to have to download app after app to keep up with your journey. Stupid.
    No night maps, so if you use this for driving at night you will have to have a glowing thing in your vision, real GPS apps have night maps.
    There are no settings features for route preferences (avoid tolls, fastest route etc)
    No options for the voice used.
    No verbal indication you missed your turn and the App is re-routing.
    No pause
    No temporary marker for your parking spot.
    No map caching
    No controls for music player
    The voice for turn by turn directions is hard to understand as words run together.
    Volume lowering for voice is poorly timed, makes the voice run on from music being played and makes it even harder to understand.
    Volume for voice is buried deep in the settings, and only has 3 volume options, making it impossible to use with music being played and all of it being played out to your car speakers.

    Apple Maps seem to have been designed by someone who has little or no experience with GPS apps, and certainly no appreciation for what makes one a good one. It also seems to have been designed with an extremely narrow vision for what needs to be included.

  9. Personally, I am not updating my system. I am not updating to iOS 6 the maps issue is fixed. I use public transportation, and I rely on Google maps’ reliable information. Without it there’s no point in using the maps application.

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