New DK Readers Textbooks for iBooks 2 and iPad Look Good

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DK Readers iPad iBooks titles

Last week’s Apple event was focused on education, and textbooks on the iPad were a major part of the presentation. A number of the new textbooks released on the day of the Apple event are targeted at students in high school and above, but there are a few new entries that look more targeted at the K-12 age group.

My daughter was home sick from school on the day of that Apple event, so we got a chance to install and look at a couple of the new titles in the DK Readers series from Dorling Kindersley in the iBookstore – DK Natural History: Mammals – Carnivores and DK Natural History: Insects. I’ve always thought Dorling Kindersley’s printed books are very impressive, so I was optimistic about these new iBooks titles of theirs.

DK Readers iPad iBooks titles

I’m happy to say I was not disappointed – nor was my daughter. In fact we spent a good couple of hours with the two books and she never once asked about playing a game instead – that’s a sure sign of being fully engaged with the books.

The ratio of text to imagery and multimedia elements on the pages seems good, and page layouts are very clean and attractive.

DK Readers iPad iBooks titles


DK Readers iPad iBooks titles


And the images used throughout the two titles are superb.


These are the sort of textbooks for iPad that I could see my daughter getting good, solid use out of. I paid $4.99 for each of these iBooks. There are currently two other DK Readers titles in the iBookstore – Dinosaurs & Prehistoric Life ($14.99) and My First ABC ($2.99).

The DK Readers titles are in the main Featured section of the iBookstore right now – and you can also find them (along with all Dorling Kindersley titles) by doing a search for DK Publishing.

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