2 Quick iPad Battery Life Tips

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iPad Adjust Brightness

One of the unexpected ‘features’ of the new iPad is that it takes a lot longer to charge – a whole lot longer (somewhere around 7 hours by most estimates). Fortunately, the new iPad offers superb battery life, just as the first two generations did – but the longer charging time makes us even more aware of the desire to get the best battery performance on the iPad.

There are a number of good battery-saving tips for the iPad and iOS devices in general. Here are the two that I have generally found to be the most effective:

—  Brightness: Turn Off Auto-Brightness. Just turning Auto-Brightness off (under Settings > Brightness & Wallpaper) and setting the brightness to a comfortable level that’s around the midway point on the brightness slider (or a little lower if possible) will give a very nice boost to your iPad battery life.

Services Toggling: Keep most services you’re not actively using toggled off. This means if you are most often in areas where you have free WiFi networks accessible, then make sure you keep Cellular Data toggled off except when needed (if you have a WiFi + 3G / 4G model). Keep Bluetooth turned off unless you are actively using it for sharing with another device or similar. Location Services can be turned off also, but this will mean you will not be able to use Find My iPad if the iPad is lost or stolen – so this one requires more consideration.

What are your thoughts on getting the most out of your iPad’s battery life? Which methods have worked best for you?

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13 thoughts on “2 Quick iPad Battery Life Tips”

  1. Battery life is the only complaint I have with the new iPad compared to the iPad2. I used my iPad2 at full brightness and could get 10 hours on a charge. With the new iPad, I have it set at 3/4 and get about 7 hours on a charge. I know I can turn the brightness down, but for where I use it, 3/4 up is about as low as I can tolerate due to glare and personal preference.

    1. To me, the battery life seems about the same so far. I’ve never used the brightness set to full other than very rare occasions though.

  2. Interesting. I always thought the purpose of Auto-Brightness was to save battery life by dimming the display as needed. I have no complaints with my iPad 2 battery life but I might try disabling that feature to see how it responds.

    1. I think the heating up reports have been overblown. I’ve not seen any of it and I think most thorough reports have noted that it gets warm, not hot, and stays well within its operating limits.

  3. If you warm(not cook) the iPad while charging you can fill it with more juice.

    I put mine on my PC case which is warm, I charges 10% to 100% 6hrs tops, and i can get a full solid days gaming 12hrs full brightness.

  4. Having just joined the Team Apple (I’ve had Android phones for years) I can honestly say the battery life is amazing… I’ve been streaming stuff and downloading apps for about 4 hours and am on 89%. Now can anyone tell me how to save MP3 files on this thing?

  5. Another thing I have found to save battery helpful on iPad and iPhone is to “turn off” apps running in the background when not using. To do: double click the home button at bottom quickly – all open apps appear across the bottom of screen; touch/hold finger over one and a minus sign will appear in top left corner of all; touch minus signs on any/all apps and it shuts them down.

    Thanks for this site – very helpful.

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