(9) of the most useful Safari shortcuts on the iPad

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SafariWho doesn’t love a great shortcut?  If there’s an easier way to accomplish a task on my iPad or iPhone, I’m all for it. One of the apps I use the most on my iPad is Safari. From browsing the internet, to blogging on iPad Insight, to managing my finances, Safari on the iPad is a workhorse for me. There are many shortcuts that make your experience on Safari more enjoyable and easier to navigate., While some of these shortcuts might be known to many of us, hopefully you will find a few in this list that haven’t previously known.

Re-order, Dismiss and remotely delete tabs

This shortcut is 3-in-one bonus that makes it easier to keep your Safari tabs in order. After you have launched the Safari app, select the tabs button in the upper right corner of your screen. To re-order your active tabs, tap and hold on any page and move it to the desired order of your choice.  To dismiss a tab, once again select the tabs button in the upper right corner and slide the active page of your choice to the left off the screen.  It will disappear from your active tab window.


If you decide you’d like to delete a tab from one of your active iCloud Safari tabs from another device, select the tabs button in the upper right corner once again and page down to the open iCloud account of your choice.  Next, slide your finger to the left across the text from the page you would like to delete.  A red button will appear labeled CLOSE. Tap it and the once active page will be closed.

You can also view a list of your recently closed tabs by selecting the tabs button and holding down the + button.  A list of all your recently closed tabs will now open below the +.

Find on Page


Here’s one that I hadn’t discovered until recently.  If you’re ever looking for a key word or phrase in an open Safari window, simply select the share button (the square with the arrow pointing up) and scroll the bottom list of sharing options until you see Find on Page. Once selected, you can type in your search text, and select SEARCH.  To the left of the search box you can see the number of exact matches as well an up and down arrow that will allow you to page through every match in the current webpage.


Quickly select recently viewed pages

There are times when you might find yourself on a Safari surfing binge, and decide that you’d like to go back to a recently viewed page, but you don’t remember the web address.  No worries, all you have to do to page back in time is to tap and hold the back arrow in the upper left corner, and your recently viewed websites will appear in order. The same applies in the reverse direction after you have paged back to a previous viewed site. Now you can select the forward arrow in the upper left corner and hold it down to see pages viewed after the page you went to back to from your history.


Saving pages, quick navigation and Desktop versions of websites

While you may or may not know that tapping the open book icon to the left of the address bar opens a list of your Bookmarks, Reading list and Shared pages–Holding down that same button also provides a quick way to add a page to any one of these three saved options as well.


If you find yourself several swiped pages down a website while reading an article, you can simply tap the title bar at the very top of the page to snap yourself back to the beginning.  Double tapping on the bottom of the page will allow you to scroll down a half a page at a time

Responsive design is very popular with mobile websites these days. In addition, the iPad does a great job of rendering sites to take advantage of the extra real-estate not available on mobile phones.  However, sometimes you just want to view the desktop version of a particular site.  If you ever find yourself in this situation, hold down the refresh button in the address bar to invoke the desktop site option.





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5 thoughts on “(9) of the most useful Safari shortcuts on the iPad”

  1. Even shorter shortcuts:

    I find it easier to delete a page by just tapping the “X” in the upper-left of the page when in the tab view mode, rather than swiping off the screen.

    Also, to search, just type your text in the address bar and choose the “Find on page” option that appears in the drop-down suggestion list. It’s shown below the list of suggested web sites.

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