App Store Purchase Section Empty: Looks Like an Apple Server Issue & How To Get Around It

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App Store Purchased Section Empty

Over the last week or so I’ve seen an odd, intermittent issue in the iPad App Store – where the Purchased section of the App Store appears to be empty. It shows no entries at all. A reader (Michael) has recently emailed about this and the issue has been reported in the Apple Discussion forums since around late May it looks like.

As you can see in the screenshot above, the Purchased page didn’t show any entries at all for me last night – despite the fact that I’ve purchased hundreds of iPad and iPhone apps.

The two things I’ve discovered after looking at the issue a bit and reading several of the Apple discussion threads on it are:

— This looks like it almost certainly an App Store / iTunes servers issue of some kind. It’s not constant and I don’t know of any user fixes for it, other than just wait for Apple’s servers to resume normal service. For instance, last night my Purchased page was empty. I’ve done nothing at my side  – no reboot of the iPad, no sign out / back in to the App Store, and this morning the Purchased page is showing items just as normal.

— This is mostly a ‘cosmetic’ sort of issue. All the purchased apps records are still there. In fact, you can just tap on the main page area and an app’s description entry will pop up. You can also use the Search bar and find your purchased apps and you’ll see the standard cloud icon to reinstall them without paying.

So the only thing lost when this issue crops up is the ability to browse through your past purchases. Hopefully Apple will get this issue resolved soon, as there are definitely quite a number of users experiencing it.

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