Can’t Save Facebook Photos in iOS 6: An Easy Fix

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iPad Facebook Save Photo

Recently I’ve been seeing quite a few comments here from users saying they cannot save Facebook photos on the iPad since upgrading to iOS 6. They still get the ‘Save Photo’ prompt when they try to save an image of their own or from one of their friends in the iPad Facebook app, but the image never shows up in the Camera Roll as it always used to.

I had not ever experienced the issue myself, but as more users kept mentioning it I decided to research it a little this morning. And luckily there is a very easy solution to this problem. I’ve tested it out and it works.

Here’s what you need to do to be able to save Facebook photos on the iPad running iOS 6:

— Open the Settings app and tap on the Privacy section in the left sidebar (just four below the General section).

iPad iOS 6 Privacy Settings

— In the Privacy settings window, tap on the Photos section. That will bring up a listing of all of your installed apps that have asked for and / or require access to your photo library.

iPad Privacy Facebook Photos Settings

— Look for the entry for Facebook, and tap so that it is turned On.

That’s it. That should allow you to save Facebook photos to the iPad Camera Roll just as you always could before iOS 6.

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70 thoughts on “Can’t Save Facebook Photos in iOS 6: An Easy Fix”

  1. I did this on my brand new iPod Touch iOS 6 5th generation 32 GB. I was able to “Save Photo” on Facebook before and the photos would show up in my “Camera Roll”, but it did not work last night. So, researched this problem on the Internet and came across the answer above. Now, I just wish that all of the photos that I “saved” would be in the camera roll, but I guess not.

  2. Thank you! I was getting frustrated by not being able to save photos from Facebook to my iPad. All I did was Google my query, your site was at the top of the list, problem solved in under a minute. Thanks again!

  3. I do not see facebook as an option in Privacy->Photos. Only Instagram and Camera+ … anyone else have this problem?

  4. Hi I did this the previous time but after the latest upgrade it stopped again but on the Facebook sit it says it is on. I turned it off then on again but still no good. Please help

  5. But, when you give Facebook access to iPhoto’s, aren’t you, in effect giving them permission to get at your entire iPhoto album, and steal your photos? That’s what’s always scared me off from giving any sites access to my personal info, friends address, etc.
    Am I wrong?

  6. I HATE posting photos from withing my Camera Roll to Facebook. There’s a major issue with it affecting the actual Privacy settings. They changed for me after every picture I posted from iOS 6. The first pictures were Public and the rest ignored my set Privacy filters. If i need to post a photo, I just go into the Facebook App and do it from there. Don’t know if Facebook or Apple is the one to complain to but it really needs to get fixed. This past weekend was horrible

  7. I have had the same problem…using iOS on iPad mini and have followed this steps but its not working.

    Have gone to the privacy settings and everything is greyed out, there is NO option for turning anything on or off….it’s driving me mad!!!

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