Evernote at the Office: Round 2

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I recently started a new job and have decided, once again, to use Evernote as my main note taking system. I know OneNote isn’t the best for me, and although I was strongly considering the default Notes app, the lack of Windows support keeps me on Evernote.

This time around I wanted to avoid doing what I did at my last job: logging into my personal Evernote account on my office machine. I have thousands of notes in my account and only a quarter of them ever applied to work, so it slowed me down to have them appear in search results while at work. There are Saved Searches to filter specifically for a notebook, but they require an extra tap every time I initiate a search. I’d rather just tap the search bar and be done.

When I first used Evernote at work, I was hoping to selectively sync specific notebooks to the machine (similarly to how Dropbox works on desktop machines). However, that kind of data splitting isn’t possible within the same Evernote account. OneNote can selectively sync notebooks to a device, but Evernote only online notebooks — which sync to every logged-in device — and offline notebooks, which don’t sync at all.

This time I’m trying to segregate my work notes by sharing the entire work notebook with myself, and accessing that notebook with a free Evernote account on my work laptop. This keeps only my work notes on my work machine, but still syncs everything (including work notes) with my iPad Pro and my other personal computers. The caveat is that I can only do this because I’ve paid for a premium account. Evernote introduced a middle tier paid account called Plus a while back, but I’m not sure if it can share notebooks with other users while providing editing access.

Different Office, Different iPad

I’m also using my iPad very differently now that it’s a large tablet. My last workplace was less flexible with the software I was allowed to use, and so my iPad was often a secondary laptop for entering tasks and bringing to meetings. It was just faster and lighter to use that way.

The iPad Pro is so large that there’s a negligible size difference between it and my work MacBook. Keeping it standing up feels a little distracting, so I’ve taken to lying it flat beside my keyboard with Evernote and the Pencil at-the-ready. I write quick notes during calls, and those notes sync over to the Evernote on my MacBook for quick searching. The Pro’s 13″ screen is larger than most pads of paper, so it’s really comfortable and easy to write on.

I still have a backup paper pad if things go south or Evernote gets buggy (I’m using the beta), but I’m quite optimistic about this new setup for Evernote at work. Writing with the Pencil is still a marvel to me, and I’ve finally found away to sync only the work more to my machine, while still having everything available on all of my personal devices.

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