How to backup your iPad to iCloud

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Napkin 05-01-15, 10.31.00 PM

When you finally decide to buy that sleek new iPad, one of the first tasks you are presented with is whether or not to turn on iCloud back-ups.  Whether you decide to turn them on when you first purchase your iPad or later on is up to you.  However, for demonstrative purposes, and because I bought and activated my iPad quite a while ago, I will quickly walk you through the set-up process from within the settings app.  One thing to note with iCloud backups is that with iOS 8 Apple moved the backups to a different location within the settings app.

To navigate to the them now go to Settings–> iCloud and then scroll down to Back-up–> iCloud Backup.  Here you can turn back-ups on and initiate a new back-up immediately.  If you choose not to initiate an immediate backup, your iPad will backup on its own when connected to Wi-Fi and plugged into a power source.  Usually this heroines during times when the iPad is middle for an extended period of time.  Fo r me, this usually happens overnight.  This is especially helpful the first time a backup commences, as it will take longer to complete.

Napkin 05-01-15, 10.41.44 PMNow with automatic iCloud backups on, you know that all the data you choose to keep backed up will be available with an internet connection and a working iPad.  In addition, you can still save a backup of you iPad to iTunes.  But whatever you do–make sure you choose a method to backup your data as soon as you purchase an iPad.  I have heard many tales from family members and friends who lost everything because they simply hadn’t backed up their device.  At the very least, with iCloud backups turned on you don’t have to think about backing up your device–it simply happens in the background, which is the best and most convenient way possible.

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