How to Cancel an iPad Newspaper or Magazine Subscription

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I see this question asked on iPad and iOS forums often lately: how do I cancel an iPad subscription to XYZ magazine (or newspaper)?

Happily, it’s very easy to cancel the subscription for an iPad edition of any newspaper or magazine you’ve signed up for – and you can do it right on the iPad itself. Here’s how:

— Open the Settings app on the iPad

— Scroll down in the left sidebar and tap on the Store icon

— Scroll to the bottom of the main right-hand window and tap on the Apple ID bar. You’ll get a popover titled Apple ID – tap on the first button on it, the one that says ‘View Apple ID’

Store Account Settings

— This will bring up the Account Settings screen. The third section down on this screen is Subscriptions. Tap on the ‘Manage’ bar under the Subscriptions section heading.

— Now you’ll see the Subscriptions screen. It will list all of your iPad newspaper and magazine subscriptions. Tap on the entry for the one you would like to cancel.

Store Subscriptions

— Now you’ll see a screen for that individual subscription. It will show your subscription type (weekly, monthly, annual etc), your renewal options, and the Auto-Renewal bar.

— To cancel the subscription you just need to tap to toggle the Auto-Renewal to Off.

Once you do so, the subscription will come to an end when the current subscription period ends.

That’s all there is to it. Hopefully you’re enjoying most of your iPad editions and won’t need this information often – but it’s handy to know when you do need to cancel one.

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  1. Should the default (for a digital magazine subscription) really be to automatically renew or should it be set to end only to be renewed upon request? Seems very presumptuous especially since you may not realise that you are autorenewing until your iTunes account is billed–then Apple policy is you own it!

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