How to connect to and use your iPad as a personal hotspot

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There are more and more free Wi-Fi hot spots available to us than ever before.  However, for the most part, coverage is generally spotty and/or intermittent on free public Wi-Fi networks.  In addition, there can be privacy concerns, not to mention overloaded networks that easily become more trouble than they’re worth in the first place.  In situations like these what options do you have if you want to surf the internet on your iPad and you’re away from your fast, secure and reliable home network?  For the sake of argument, we are going to assume that your iPad is a Wi-Fi only version, but the process is the same regardless which iPad you own.


Connecting to a Wi-fi Hotspot

If you haven’t already, make sure Wi-Fi is enabled on your iPad.  You can do this either by opening the Setting s App and selecting Wi-Fi, or by launching Control Center with a swipe up from the bottom of the screen and toggling Wi-Fi on.  Once Wi-Fi is active you can choose your preferred network.  You can connect to a public or private Wi-Fi network, your Home Wi-Fi router, or even another iOS device such as an iPhone or LTE enabled iPad.


Using you iPad as a Wi-fi Hot Spot

If you have a LTE enabled iPad you can use its data connection to provide internet access, via a “Personal Hot Spot” the same way you can with your iPhone.  This feature is built into all devices running iOS 8, and is very useful setting that has helped me and my family on many occasions.  With Shared data plans pretty much being the norm now-a-days, it really doesn’t matter which device is providing the data connection.  In fact, the ability to be able to use an iPad as a Personal Hot Spot will allow you to save precious battery life on your iPhone, or at the very least, distribute your resources as you see fit.


Setting up a Personal Hot Spot on your iPad is simple–here’s how.  First, open the Settings App again and make sure you turn on cellular data.  While you’re at it, you can also enable LTE for faster download speeds.  Once cellular data is enabled, the Personal Hotspot option will become active.  Select the Personal Hotspot and toggle the switch to on.  Congratulations, you are now making your iPad available as a hot spot for all those you choose to share your Wi-Fi password with as long as you maintain a cellular connection.  Other devices, including your Mac or any other electronic device that has wireless capabilities can connect to your iPad in one of three ways.


To cease using your iPad’s data connection, simply turn the personal hotspot tab to the off position.  If other devices were still connected at the time, they will lose their connection.  You can monitor if anyone is connected to your Personal Hot Spot, and how many devices are currently using it by referenceing the blue line that appears at the top of your iPad screen.  You won’t be able to determine which devices are sharing the stream, but at least you will know how many connections there are at any given time.



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