How to create a HTML signature and add it to your email accounts on your iPad

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File this one under something I’ve thought about many times, but never actually looked into how to complete.  I came across this tutorial from our friends over at iDB from last week, and thought that it was such a useful feature, I wanted to share it with everyone here.  I don’t know about you, but I’ve often thought about creating an email signature that had links in it to direct people to my personal or work social sites.  Previously, I would simply create an image in my signature with the important information saved within the image, and perhaps a logo.  Now that works fine for providing the information you might want to share with recipients of your email.  However, you can make it a lot easier on yourself and those you email by simply creating a HTML signature on your computer and saving it to your iPad to use for the account(s) of your choice.

How to create an HTML signature on your computer

Start by launching your favorite email app on your computer.  For demonstrative purposes, I am using Gmail in my Safari browser.  Create a new message and list yourself as the email recipient.  Next, choose the style and content of your email signature, and then add a link right on top of each item you would like to link to.


How to use your HTML signature on your iPad

Email the new signature to yourself and open it on your iPad in your favorite email app.  The new email you just received should now have active HTML links to the items in your signature that you added them to.  Now select the email signature from the email you received and copy all the text you would like to include (presumably all of it).  Next, open the settings for your email app of choice and paste the copied HTML coded text into the signature box for any and all of your accounts you would like use this signature with.  Obviously, you can create as many unique signatures as you have email accounts for and repeat this process as needed.


*NOTE:  Unfortunately, after pasting the HTML coded text into my signature box in CloudMagic (my email client of choice these days) the text no longer had the links associated with them.  I’m not sure why–yet.  Will update when/if I discover a work around since CloudMagic is so popular.


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