How To Create an OmniFocus Quick Entry Shortcut for Your iPad Home Screen

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OmniFocus Quick Entry Shortcut for iPad

Here’s a great little tool that should be prove hugely useful for anyone who uses OmniFocus on the iPad. It’s a Quick Entry shortcut for the iPad home screen that takes you straight into the OmniFocus app with the Quick Entry to Inbox dialog open and ready for a new entry.

To get the quick entry shortcut just visit this OmniFocus forums thread and click the link you prefer (there are two icon options) to get it added to your iPad home screen.

I rely heavily on task management with OmniFocusto to run my work and home life, and use the iPad app frequently every day. This shortcut is a real godsend for me and it is straight onto my iPad dock.

Thanks to Shawn Blanc at for the heads-up on this.

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