How to create and share an iCloud calendar on the iPad

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iCloud-Family_Sharing-calendarimage: Apple

With iOS 8 Apple introduced Family Sharing.  This feature might not be for everyone, as Thomas demonstrated for us in his early review back in October.  However, for my family it has been an excellent way to track and approve my 12 year old son’s app purchase requests.  In addition, we now have a calendar that was automatically created for our whole family to share.  The Family Sharing Calendar isn’t our default calendar for keeping all of our important appointments and meetings in.  Our personal calendars are ridiculously overloaded with information, so we choose to make use of seperate iCloud calendars for each member of the family for that purpose.  However, if we have a special event, or quick change of plans that the whole family need to be aware of, the Family Calendar serves that purpose well.

While we’re on the subject of the measurable utility of shared calendars, it is important to point out that you can also share your iCloud calendars with other iCloud users–even those not in your Family.  Shared calendars can be seen in their entirety by others, but you can also limit the user’s  access and permissions, too.  Since it is your iCloud calendar, you can decide who can add or change event within the calendar as well as if you want to share a read-only version for reference purpose only.

To create a new iCloud calendar, first open the calendar app, then select Calendars–> Edit–> Add Calendars (in iCloud section)


To share one of your iCloud calendars, open Calendars–> Edit–> Select the iCloud calendar you want to share  –> Add Person.  To add a person you can either tap on the (+) to add a person from your contact list or enter a name directly.  Invitees will receive an email asking them to join.  Unfortunately, though, you do need an iCloud account to accept the invitation.


You can also edit whether someone who is sharing your iCloud calendar is allowed to make changes to the calendar.  To adjust this permission, select Calendars–> Edit–> Select the shared iCloud calendar–> Select the person from the available list.  Now you can allow them to edit, resend an invitation, or stop sharing with them altogether.


Shared calendars are also added to your notification center so that you can be made aware when any changes dare made.  This feature can be turned off at any time in Settings–> Mail–> Contacts–> Calendars–> Shared Calendar alerts.  Further, you can share a read-only calendar with anyone by sending them a URL directly to the calendar.  To do this select Calendars–> Edit–> Select the calendar you want to share–> Turn on the public calendar button–> Select Share link, and copy the link to send.



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2 thoughts on “How to create and share an iCloud calendar on the iPad”

  1. Hi Renkman,

    I have not yet used the family sharing feature. Long ago, I set up separate calendars for the each kid – and we do share those, but I like the idea of having one calendar for the events that apply to all.

    Thanks for the great instructions!

  2. Thanks for the comment, Neena. I’ve found that it is nice to have one central location to share changes in schedules. In addition, our family is less likely to miss important events that we all need to be aware of when there is only one place to go. Separate calendars definitely have merit to for routine schedules no matter how mundane they become.

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