How to delete unwanted stock apps from your iPad

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Let’s be honest, we’ve all got them–those annoying stock apps that we never intend on using that come pre-installed on our iPads.  Each of us have our preferred way to deal with them.  Some of us seclude them on the last of our Home screen pages, while others cram them all in one folder so you don’t have to look at them again.  While these are perfectly acceptable solutions for many of us, there is a large percentage of iOS users who would rather get rid of them, or at least out of site, forever.  We’ve got the solution for you–sorta…

There currently exists a method to hide these undesirable apps.  It’s more of a stop-gap for now, since Apple currently doesn’t let you remove stock apps from the iPhone, but it works none-the-less. First, if you don’t have one already, create a folder with 2 or more apps you would like to remove. This was easy since I already had created such a folder.  Next, hold down one of the apps until it begins to wiggle just like you would if you were going to delete it.


After you select the app and it starts to wiggle, slide it over to the next page within the folder, and let it go. Now while it’s still wiggling, select the app again, and move it to the right once more to create another page within the folder.  The dots on the bottom of the page will indicate how many pages exist within the folder so you will be able to know when an additional page is created.

Lastly, after you have moved the app to the additional page within the app, bring it back within the folder while continuing to hold it with one finger.  Without letting go, press and release the home button with a finger from your another hand.  When this happens, you will see the app you are trying to delete shoot off into the left corner of the screen and disappear. Even though this app no longer appears on your iPad, if you perform a Spotlight Search, you can still launch the app.  In addition, when you are done using that app the icon will see be absent from your iPad.


The one catch with this method is that when you power down your iPad and turn it back on again, the app will be back in the folder it started in.  This might not be a big deal for most people, because they rarely turn their iPad off.  However, if you remove a bunch of stock apps, and have to restart your iPad for whatever reason, you will have to go through the process all over again with each and every app you deleted.


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  1. Hi Rajshekhar,

    That’s a good question. I’m guessing that they won’t open more space since turning your phone off and on adds the app back again without you having to install it.

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