How to Filter out Spam Invitations to your iCloud Calendar on your iPad

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Tis the season to get unsolicited calendar invitations to your iOS devices via your iCloud account.  I never knew this was a “thing” until I recently became part of a large spamming exercise to lure unsuspected individuals in to view Black Friday offers.  I’m not sure how long I had the invite in my  Calendar since I use Calendars 5 by Readdle as my daily driver on my iPhone, and therefore have push notifications and icon badges turned off on Apple’s Calendar.  It was when I glanced at my iPad’s “Apple” folder this afternoon that I thought I may have been spammed.


So, in a rush to clear the info/invite from my calendar, I did exactly what you’re not suppose to do to keep the spammers at bay–I opened the invitation, and proceeded to select Decline from the options of Accept, Decline (or Maybe) .  The problem with this very reasonable response is that the spammers know that the iCloud email address they sent the calendar invitation to is live and available to receive more unsolicited offers.

Apparently what I and you should do instead, is to basically “filter” that crap right out of my default calendar and into its own wasteland.  To do after you have opened the calendar app, tap the “Calendars” button at the bottom of the screen, and then tap the Edit button and on the following screen.  Once you do this you can select to Add Calendars. Make sure to name this new calendar–I suggest calling it SPAM or something along those lines to make sure you leave it alone.  After naming the calendar select Done at the top portion of the screen.

Now go back to the SPAM invitation you received, and move it to your new SPAM calendar–easy enough!  To get rid of this calendar permanently, elect the Calendars button at the top of the screen, and choose the “i” button to the right of your SPAM calendar.  When the next screen loads select “Delete Calendar” at the bottom of the screen.  I suppose you could keep the SPAM folder and use it again if needed, but if you refrain from opening the invitation in the first place, the chances of receiving additional invites are probably very low.  Either way, the process is easy enough if you need to repeat it again in the near future.


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One thought on “How to Filter out Spam Invitations to your iCloud Calendar on your iPad”

  1. After following your advice and moving to SPAM calendar I get error: only the organiser of this event can make changes to it

    Any further suggestions?

    Many thanks

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