How To Find the Apps Shown in iPad TV Ads

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Apps from iPad TV ads

Apple’s TV ads for the iPad are slick and well-executed, as are nearly all Apple TV campaigns. A lot of focus in the ads has been on iPad apps, and a lot of very good apps have been showcased within the commercials.

If you’ve ever wondered what’s the easiest way to find all the apps shown in the TV ads, the answer is very easy.

Here’s how:

— Go to to the Featured section of the App Store on your iPad

— Scroll down past the In the Spotlight, New and Noteworthy, and Staff Favorites sections

— You should see the ‘Quick Links’ area

— In the Quick Links list, tap on the ‘Apps from iPad TV Ads’ link


That should take you to the featured section for all the apps that have been featured in the TV ads, and there are certainly some stellar ones to choose from in that group, covering a wide range of app categories.

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9 thoughts on “How To Find the Apps Shown in iPad TV Ads”

  1. Not even Belgium. Here in the states the iTunes page and store only show a small selection of the ones seen on the ads. Even worse, I have found that some of the apps they show are ones that are in development and expected to be released a month after the ad. But in some cases, the ad end up never making it to iTunes due to development issues or even not passing iTunes requirements. Two off the bat are the sword battle game called Infinity Blade which comes out on Dec 9th but has been shown on their ads for two months already. The other is some productivity app that ties your calendar, email and other items together seamlessly but does not exist on the app site nor can anyone find anything out about it.

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