How to install a custom dictionary on your iPad

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While using your iPad there are occasions when, while reading or composing an email or text, you might have the inclination to look up the meaning and/or spelling of an unfamiliar word.  If you’re never previously attempted to do this,

  1. Select the word you wish to define by holding your finger on the word to highlight it.
  2. Next, choose define.  In a text message, you will have to choose select and then define.


In the next window, if you’ve previously downloaded a dictionary, you will see the definition of the word, along with all the versions of how the word is defined in the dictionary.  You will also have the option to look up the word on the internet (Search Web).  If, when you select define, the pop-up window does not display any definitions, you will have to download the appropriate dictionary.  To do this,


  1. While in the define view, select manage.
  2. If no dictionaries have been downloaded previously, choose from one of the (19) available options by selecting the cloud button to the right of the dictionary of your choice.

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