How to install the iOS 9 Public Beta on your iPad

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With the release of iOS 9, Apple introduced the iOS Public Beta Software Program. This was a big change for Apple and how they previously guarded new features that had yet to be released on iOS. For the first time they were welcoming input from the typical user, and not just from developers. This was a well thought out decision on their part, as there are millions of active users who could prove to be invaluable. iOS users could assist Apple in detecting bugs and unforeseen issues that can arise in the wild, and then provide feedback to Apple engineers through an app that is downloaded to their device during the installation process.

The Public Beta Program is available to anyone willing to install beta software on their iOS devices.  As with any beta software, there may be times when the stability of the operating system might not be ideal.  You could potentially experience occasional to frequent crashes and re-springs. While this may not happen during your experience, it is the trade-off for early access to new features.

If you choose to download the beta, you are essentially entering into a legal agreement between you and Apple regarding Apple’s proprietary and confidential information. Therefore it is recommended that you read the Beta Software Agreement carefully. Furthermore, it is also recommended that you do not install this, or any other beta software on your primary device, especially if occasional crashes and buggy software might impair your ability to use your iPhone for its intended purpose.

How to enroll your iPad in the Apple Beta Software Program

Now that the iOS 9.3 public beta is available for download and test-drive, you first need to enroll your iOS Device to gain access.  In doing so, you will also have access to subsequent updates, and will be prompted through the Settings App on your iPad. Do to the fact that any beta software may contain errors or inaccuracies, potentially causing your device to function in an unexpected manner there is one step that you must take before proceeding any further—backup your device!


1>Archive an iOS backup

Apple recommends that you do an iTunes backup and archive it before installing the iOS public beta. That way you can downgrade to the previous version of iOS. Be advised, you won’t be able to use an iCloud backup or one you didn’t archive if you go back to the current version of iOS.


2> Download Profile

From your iOS device, go to to download the configuration profile. Your iOS device will prompt you to install it. Follow the onscreen instructions to allow installation.


3> Update your iOS Device

iOS devices running iOS 8.1.3 or later will automatically receive the latest public beta software over the air. Tap Settings > General > Software Update to install any available beta software.


Good Luck!


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