How to Make Passcode Lock Work with the iPad 2 Smart Cover

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This is another very basic iPad tip, but we’ve had a few questions about it in the comments on other posts, so I’ll share it again here. Many iPad and iOS users like to use a Passcode Lock for a bit of added security on their iDevices.

And a few of our readers have asked whether a Passcode Lock can still be used if you’re using the iPad 2 Smart Cover. The answer is Yes, you absolutely can.


Apart from turning Passcode Lock in Settings > General, there’s one additional setting you need to get right in order to have your passcode still work with the smart cover. This setting is located directly below the Passcode Lock entry, at Settings > General > iPad Cover Lock/Unlock. You need to ensure that that one is set to ON in order for the passcode lock to work each time you open and close the smart cover.

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