How to manage a Microsoft Office document in iCloud on your iPad

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With their latest update to the Microsoft Office suite (Excel, Word & PowerPoint) Microsoft has finally added the ability to save and interact with your documents in your iCloud Drive.  As long as you are running iOS 8 you can now open, edit and save your work to iCloud Drive, as well as share your documents between multiple apps. This is a welcome addition to the existing locations you could already save your document to, which included a local version on your device, SharePoint locations, and cloud options like OneDrive and recently added Dropbox.

To open and edit a document that is already saved in iCloud, simply launch the app, tap on the Open folder and select from the more option.  When More is selected your iCloud Drive panel screen will open revealing all your current folders.


In addition, while you are in the iCloud Drive panel, you can also manage your storage locations by tapping the more button once again and selecting the storage providers you would like to be made available.  Sharing documents between apps is finally a reality for iOS 8 users on the iPad.


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