How to manage ad tracking on your iPad

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iAdsAds, a necessary perceived evil that are the compilation  of information collected anonymously about us and our behavior while using our iOS devices.  This information is gathered by countless entities that include everything from search engines, to hardware and software companies, to websites that provide services, often free of charge in exchange for your personal information.  The way in which they gather information about you and your usage habits range from full disclosure to any number of ninja-like behind the scenes farming, to completely anonymous exchanges of information.  Regardless of the tactic or process used to collect your information, it is important to know what options you may have, if any, and how you can best protect yourself and your personal information.

What Information does Apple Collect?

Apple’s ad platform, iAd, may insert ads in apps that you download from the App Store, as well as in Apple apps such as News and Wallet.  For Apple to make the most of this advertising platform, they create groups containing at least 5000 people who share similar characteristics.  They then use this information to assist in targeting specific groups of people.  Your personal information is used to determine which groups you are assigned to, and how ads are presented to you.

Information gathered about you to assign you to specific groups include

  • Account Information: Your name, address, age, and devices registered to your account.

  • Downloads: The music, movies, books, TV shows, and apps you download.

  • Device Information: Your keyboard language settings, location, device and connection type

  • Activities in Apple Apps: The topics and publications you follow in News and the Offers you choose to add to Wallet.

  • Activities in Other Apps: App developers who have your permission may provide information regarding your in-app purchases and activities such as game level completion.

  • Advertising: Your interaction with advertising delivered by iAd.Other Segments:

Apple respects your privacy

Privacy is obviously one of the most important concerns we have when it comes to advertising.  To that end, Apple’s privacy policy  is clear in hoe our information is shared.

  • iAd does not know or make available to advertisers information regarding your sexual orientation, religious beliefs or political affiliations.

  • No Apple Pay transactions or Health app data is accessible to iAd, or is used for advertising purposes.

  • iAd does not sell or otherwise transmit any personally identifiable information to third parties.

How to Limit Ad Tracking on your iPad

To enable and/or limit Ad Tracking…

  • Open the Settings App
  • Select Privacy
  • Scroll down to Advertising and select it
  • Select to Limt Ad Tracking

Limit Ad Tracking on iPad

How to Choose Your Advertising Preferences

To opt out of receiving location-based advertising on your iPad, open Settings–> Select Privacy–> Location Services–> System Services–> Turn off Location-Based iAds.  As long as this tab is turned off,  iAd will not receive location-based information.


How to Clear Data Associated with your Advertising Identifier

To clear the data associated with your Advertising Identifier on your iPad, open Settings, select Privacy–> Advertising–> Reset Advertising Identifier.  Inn addition, your Advertising Identifier is automatically reset when you enable or disable Limit Ad Tracking feature.

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