How to manage app data storage on your iPad

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Ever wonder how much storage space your iPad has available?  How about how many apps you have installed on your device, or how much space those apps occupy?  Ever want to know what apps take up the most space, or how you can manage all of the above in one place?  Look no further–app management doesn’t have to be a mystery.  Here’s how to manage the storage on your iPad.


First, open your Settings app–> then select General–>Usage–> Manage Storage.  Here you will get a comprehensive list of the available and used storage space on your iPad.  In addition, you also will see a break down of ALL the apps you have installed on your iPad in order from largest to smallest.


Select an app to see more specific information about it, such as the current version, the size of the app, and the amount of data that the app stores in the Documents and Data on your iPad.  Furthermore, while viewing this information, you can also delete the app from your iPad.


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