How To: Manage Newspaper and Magazine Subscriptions on the iPad

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Purchase subscription to iPad magazine

The App Store now allows publishers to offer subscriptions to their magazines, newspapers, and other content. Titles like The Daily, Elle, and Popular Science are already offering subscriptions, and more publishers are sure to follow soon.

Generally, subscription plans should prove a cost-effective option for users as opposed to buying individual issues of newspaper and magazine titles. A couple important points to note on how App Store subscriptions work are that they are set by default to auto-renew, and that you can choose to turn the auto-renew off. It’s easy if you know where to go. Hit the break for a quick rundown of how to manage your subscriptions on the iPad …

Here’s how to manage your newspaper and magazine subscriptions on the iPad:

— Go to the App Store

— Tap on the Featured section and scroll down to the very bottom of the page

— Tap on your account name at the bottom left and choose ‘View Account’ from the choices on the popover that appears. You’ll need to enter your account password at this stage.

— On the Account screen, scroll a little ways down to the Subscriptions section and tap on the ‘Manage App Subscriptions’ bar.

App Store manage app subscriptions

— On the next screen you’ll be able to:

  • View your existing subscription plans
  • Turn auto-renewal on or off on them
  • Alter the length of the subscription plan (if applicable)

That’s it. I hope this helps, and hope you find some good titles to subscribe to.

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17 thoughts on “How To: Manage Newspaper and Magazine Subscriptions on the iPad”

  1. This is a timely article for me as I have been dealing with subscriptions for the better part of the past week. I am trying to cancel the auto renewal of the daily on my iPad. When I turn off auto renewal and click done, all I get is iTunes cannot process the request, try again later. However, I am still able to purchase and download others apps, connect and use the iTunes app, on my iPad, etc. So far apple tech support hasn’t been any help. Has anyone else had a problem ending a subscription?

    1. I have seen that same erro message when attempting to cancel a subscription, and with identical circumstances to yours (i.e could still do updates and install new apps just fine).

      I just kept trying and it worked eventually – wish I knew a better trick or solution than that to suggest.

  2. Thanks… Somehow I got to this article this morning while thinking I was on your homepage. Thanks for replying to an older article. I went into iTunes on my mbp, and was able to turn off auto renew for the daily there and it worked. Not sure if that will be enough or if it has to be done on the iPad, but it renews tomorrow, so I’ll know soon enough.

  3. I don’t have “Manage Subscriptions” either. Mine skips right from “Manage Alerts” to “Manage Passes.” How can I unsubscribe from magazine apps???

  4. If you don’t see Manage Subscriptions on the Account screen, it is likely that you have more than one Apple account. If so, then you need to sign out of the account you are using and sign in to your other account.

    I have two Apple accounts and some of my subscriptions are with one, some with the other.

    Worth checking out!

    1. Problem: the Subscriptions section does not exist. The existing sections are “Edit”, “My Alerts”, “Genius”, “iTunes in the Cloud”, “iTunes Newsletters and Special Offers”. There is no “Subscriptions” section, there is no “Manage”.

      I only have one Apple account. Any advice?

      1. Are you sure you have active subscriptions? Do you get iTunes Store emails confirming them?

  5. I also do not have two accounts, but cannot see my subscriptions. I signed up for a free two week period and you have to cancel before it runs out, but nothing is there! No Manage subscriptions button.

  6. The new iTunes operations are as follows:

    1. Go to the iTunes App Store
    2. Tap the Apple ID button, located on the top left hand side
    3. Confirm that you wish to view your Apple ID by clicking “View Apple ID.”
    4. Enter your iTunes password if promoted
    5. Tap “Manage” under “Subscriptions
    6. Tap the magazine you want to manage
    7. Tap auto-renew button to off.

    And yes, I think they deliberately make this hard. The magazines don’t tell you that they all have auto-renew clicked to “yes” either. National Geographic is a prime offender.

    I hope this helps.

    1. 2. Tap the Apple ID button, located on the top left hand side and choose “account”

      Sorry, left that bit out.

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