How To Manage Which Apps Use Background App Refresh on the iPad

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iPad Background App Refresh

iOS allows apps to refresh their content in the background. So even when you don’t have your favorite email or news app open, it is updating its content and ready for your next use. This is a very helpful feature, but perhaps not so much when it’s used by all your installed apps, or by apps that you really don’t need to be refreshed in the background.

Turning off the background refresh feature for some of your apps may also help to preserve battery life on the iPad. And it is very simple to do. Here’s how:

— Open the Settings app

— Select the ‘General’ section on the left sidebar

— Select ‘Background App Refresh’ towards the bottom of the General screen

This will show a listing of all of your installed apps that are set to use background app refresh. You simply tap the button to the right of an individual app to toggle the feature on or off for that app.

So this is a feature that’s very easy to manage, and it’s also interesting just to see some of the apps that show up in the listing that you wouldn’t necessarily expect or want to be making use of it.

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