How to Manage and Edit the Mailboxes on your iPad

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The most widely used email client on iOS is the default Apple Mail app.  Sure there are other email apps out there that are much more feature rich and great to use.  However, the masses typically go with default programs that come pre-installed in their devices.  In addition, if you aren’t the type of user who dives down deep into your settings, you generally miss out on some clever, helpful little tips on occasion.  This is one of them.  Did your know that in Apple Mail you can add additional mailboxes and personalize your views to show only the mailboxes and sub mailboxes you’d like to see?   Surprisingly, I was unaware of this feature and accidentally stumbled across it one day.

In order to add or edit mailboxes start by opening the mail app and selecting “edit” in the upper right corner.  Once you do this you will see a collection of new  mailbox  that can be added to, or replace any of your current mailbox views.  These can be supplemental, or organized in the order and preference you choose.


The additional mailboxes include…

  • VIP
  • Flagged
  • Unread
  • To or CC
  • Attachments
  • Thread notifications
  • Today
  • All drafts
  • All Archive
  • All Sent
  • All trash


Now, flagging and organizing my emails are easier than ever before.  As a result, I can find that important email that I have filed away with little effort.  Additionally, by identifying one or more people as VIP’s, all their emails go into a separate mailbox with its own tone alert.  Very simple, yet robust.  I have also become fond of the  “Today” view.  It is really nice to know that once I have plowed through all the email from that mailbox, there are no more messages that need my immediate attention because of the triage I have already completed.

As you create/make available  these new mailboxes, they will appear with all of your default mailboxes in the side bar view. Lastly, you can re-order the mailboxes to fit your own preferences and needs.  If you decide later on that you would prefer the list of mailboxes appear in a different order, simply select the three parallel lines to the right of the mailbox and move them to where you want them in the list.

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  1. That is a great tip that I can definitely see coming in handy for me. I am fairly new to Apple, and am still trying to learn everything. Thanks for sharing!

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