How to manage your stored credit card info in your iPad Safari browser

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If you’ve ever signed into an account through your Safari browser on your iPad, you’ve been offered the opportunity to save usernames and passwords before. The same goes for your credit card information when you decide to purchase an item on your iPad.  Did you know that your credit card information is stored in the Settings app?  In addition, you can add, manage or delete credit card information at anytime, in the same location–and here’s how.


Launch/open the Settings app–> then select Safari–> Passwords & Auto-fill–> Saved Credit Cards.  At this point you will have to enter your iPad password to view/edit any of your credit cards. Selecting the arrow next to any of the credit cards will take you to the “manage” screen where you will have the opportunity to edit the credit-card holder name, the credit card number, the expiration date and a brief description/name for the account.


To add a credit card, simply scroll to the bottom of the credit card list and select “Add Credit Card.” Now you can ether manually enter the credit card information I just listed, or you can use the iPad camera to gather most of the information,  That’s it–good luck!

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