How to pair your iPad with a Bluetooth Keyboard

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Among the most successfully argued benefits of owning an iPad–mobility has always been near the top.  The ability to use your iPad as a replacement device for desktop or bulkier laptop computer definitely has it merits–as Federico Viticci illustrated quite effectively. Unfortunately, though, for this theory to work to it’s fullest potential you undoubtedly need to pair your iPad with your favorite Bluetooth keyboard.  Luckily there are no shortages of keyboards to choose from.  In fact, your toughest challenge for using your iPad as your primary productivity device might actually be in choosing the keyboard to use.


No matter what you end up going with, the process of pairing your iPad with a wireless keyboard remains the same.  Start by opening the Settings App, then select Bluetooth.  Turn the feature on so that your iPad is discoverable by other compatible devices.  One your Bluetooth Keyboard is turned on and is impairing mode, (follow instructions for your device) it will become visible in the “Devices” list on your iPad.  When this happens, select your device.  You will now be prompted with a pairing code that needs to be entered on the Bluetooth Keyboard.  Key in the code, and press enter.

You are now successfully connected!


If for some reason you no longer wish to pair a particular keyboard with your iPad, press the i with the circle around it to get information on the device.  Now you will have the option of forgetting the device. If selected, you will now have to go through the process all over again as if the keyboard had never been previously paired in the first place.



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