How to prepare your iPad for sale or trade in

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So, you decided you’re going to get a new iPad.  Maybe you need to sell your current iPad so that you can don’t have to come up with as much money out of your pocket, or maybe you plan on handing it down to your nephew or niece because it’s an older version that won’t bring much trade-in value.  Now what?  iPad owners often forget that there are some important steps you should always follow when you make that final decision to part with your older device.  No worries, we’ve got you covered.  All you have to do is follow these easy guidelines.  In the end, your data will be safe, and the ext owner will have a fresh iPad to start with.

Back up your device

Backing up your device can be easy to overlook.  However, if you are buying a replacement iPad, there’s no easier way to start using it then to restore it from a saved back-up version of your last iPad.


Sign out of your iCloud account

Again, here’s another step that’s easy to forget–but very important to follow.  Forgetting to sign out of your iCloud account can be catastrophic for iPad owners who decide to manually delete their data (contacts, photo streams, calendars, documents, etc).  When you don’t sign out all the content that you manually delete will simultaneously be deleted from the iCloud servers and devices that your are currently signed in to.  To sign out of your account in iOS 8 go to Settings–>iCloud, and sign-out at the bottom.  Then you need to select sign-out again–>Delete from my iPad, then enter your password to complete the command.


Erase all Content & Settings

I know that most iPad re-sale companies offer to erase all your content for you “safely & easily” when you sell them your used device.  Yeah–thanks, but I think I’d rather do that myself than have to reply on someone I don’t know to carry out that task.  It’s easy enough, so why not–right?  Just open the Settings app and go to General–> scroll down to Reset at the bottom of the screen–> then Erase all Content & Settings.  If you have previously turned on Find my iPad, you will now be prompted to enter your Apple ID & password as a precautionary measure to make sure you are indeed the owner of the device that is about to be erased.


Now all your data will be removed from your iPad–ALL of it.  Even the credit cards you added to your Apple Pay account!  In addition, erasing all content and settings will also turn off iCloud, FaceTime, iMessage and Game Center.  One caveat, though, is that your backed-up data will still be present in iCloud.  This way, you will be able to restore a new device from that back-up.  Lastly, you might need to contact your mobile carrier provider to transfer any new service if you your iPad is LTE capable.

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